The mission of the project is to create the first international rating of PMU artists - Top 50 and Top 100. Its aim is to discover and acknowledge best professionals in the PMU industry that are able to provide the highest level of services, create unique author’s techniques and to train other artists. Our mission is recognition and encouragement of talent, competence and high standards of work in the PMU industry.

We create an independent world rating of PMU artists. It will serve as a reference point to clients who are in search of quality service from real professionals and artists that want to upgrade their skills and learn from leading experts of the industry.

Our goals include:

  1. Identifying beat PMU artists on the basis of the following criteria: quality of work, experience, competence and assessment by reputable international PMU experts.
  2. Recognition and encouragement of talented PMU artists that perform at a high level and have achieved significant success in their career.
  3. Support of the growth and development of the PMU industry, encouragement of innovations and improvement of techniques of work.
  4. Creation of infobase for clients, which can help find the most suitable PMU artist, guaranteeing safety, high quality of work and professionalism.

Selection criteria:

  1. Quality of work. To be on the short list it is necessary to show high quality of work at a professional level. It is possible to present your work in 3 categories at the GLOBAL championship. In this case works are assessed by reputable judges. Artists with their author’s techniques may also apply to an expert group as speakers and rating participants to present their techniques at the world GLOBAL congress. The assessment by the expert group is based on visual materials provided by an artist, such as photos or videos of works.
  2. Professionalism. To apply for the rating an artist must have a professional attitude to work, follow hygiene and safety rules, also while presenting their work at professional events. It is important to improve skills and techniques as well.
  3. Customer experience. To be in the rating it is required to keep a high level of customers’ satisfaction, who received PMU services from a particular artist. The evaluation of customer experience can be conducted by the organizers based additionally on customer reviews, feedback and reference that are publicly available.
  4. Reputation and status. The rating only includes artists with an impeccable reputation, who comply with the business ethics policy in relation to colleagues; who have never been involved in scandals or made unethical statements publicly and on social media; who respect organizers, judges and speakers of world congresses.
  5. To apply an artist must provide a list of achievements - experience in participating in professional congresses, prizes in championships, experience as a speaker presenting a technique (WORKSHOP) or as the main stage speaker.

To apply you need:

1. Read the rules of the PMU artists world rating TOP-50 and TOP-100 PMU GLOBAL
2. If you were nominated for GLOBAL'23 grand-prix, you must apply for minimum 3 categories of the authoritative international GLOBAL championship in Moscow or Turkey.
3. If you were nominated for Global 2020-2022 grand-prix or have been invited as a speaker in the Workshop zone, you must contact a manager to apply. Pay the registration fee.
4. Announce your participation in the rating TOP-50 or TOP-100 on social media.
5. Upon the request of the organizers, provide or post in telegram bot the following: a photo for the rating website, links to your accounts on social networks, photos of works in 2-3 areas.

The ceremony of the rating TOP-50 professionals will take place in Moscow and TOP-100 International in Antalya with the awarding on the main stage.

The participation in the world rating TOP-50 gives you the following:

  1. Recognition on the main stage of the world congress in Moscow.
  2. An award.
  3. Official publication of the winner on the website, which will be indexed by search engines.
  4. New authoritative status of the finalist in the first professional PMU artists rating TOP-50.
  5. One more reason for other artists to choose you as a teacher/mentor. Clients will understand that the high price of your services is justified by your status of the top expert.

The participation in the world rating TOP-100 GLOBAL gives you the following:

  1. An honorable place in the world PMU artists rating TOP-100.
  2. Recognition on the main stage of the world congress in Antalya.
  3. An award.
  4. Official publication of the winner on the website, which will be indexed by search engines.
  5. Documentary proof of the international recognition, which is necessary for getting special category immigration visas for talented professionals.
  6. An opportunity to attract the attention of international artists, present yourself as a trainer and top expert.

Rules of the rating:

  1. This rating is not a public competition in the sense of the civil code of the Russian Federation (chapter 57) and not a (stimulating) lottery in the sense of the Federal law of the Russian Federation from 11.11.2003 N 183 - FL ‘About Lotteries’.
  2. The participation of an artist may be canceled at the discretion of the organizer or the expert group. In this case only the registration fee, paid by the participant, is refunded.
  3. The registration fee is paid immediately and in full (installment payment is not available) and is considered non-refundable according to the ticket purchasing terms (offer agreement) published on the website
  4. The organizers, in their own discretion, have a right to invalidate the participation in the rating or to exclude a participant in case the rules have been violated.
  5. Participants under 19 are not allowed.
  6. The organizers have a right to make any changes in the rules, prize fund, the nomination procedure, adding to the short list in every category.
  7. The organizers have a right to change the number of finalists in each rating.
  8. The announcement of the results and awarding ceremony take place on the dates and in places stated in the rules. Finalists that cannot attend the awarding ceremony can get their award the next day after the ceremony in the city of the event from the organizers’ representative. The awards cannot be sent by post due to fragility.

Questions and answers

  1. How will the rating finalists be announced? All the information about finalists will be posted on an international website of the rating and will be kept for a long time for ranking on search engines.
  2. How to get a place in the rating? A nominee must present their technique in 3 categories at the authoritative GLOBAL championship or as a speaker in the Workshop zone.
  3. If I have won prizes at Global 2020-2022, can I apply for the rating? Yes, you have a right to be in the rating, but you need to send a request and the list of your achievements for consideration.

The date of summing up the results and announcement of the finalists:
July 10th 2023, Moscow
November 19th 2023, Antalya


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